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values to probe and the probing interval. L0 denotes unknown layer count. AndrewBCN ( talk ) 23:10, (PST) The implementations are not different, they have the same L and R parameters, but each has additional parameters that are not relevant to the other implementation. 'rs' is actually 'Resend' and '!' is 'Error'. M123: Tachometer value Sending an M123 causes the RepRap to transmit filament tachometer values from all extruders.

Errors larger than this cause heater to be on or off. Voir le bon plan 10, montres Économisez 10 sur un large choix de montres. The X parameter tells the firmware to use the thermistor input corresponding to a different heating channel. P2 specifies a modulated IR probe, where the modulation is commanded directly by the main board firmware using the control signal to the probe. The actual motor current is not changed until the next Z-probe operation.

The same can be achieved with a G92 right after homing (G28, G161). It is permissible for different tools to share some (or all) of their drives and heaters.

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